Free Broadband!

The key to obtaining Free Broadband is to use a service provider with a customer referral scheme. For each customer you refer, you get a continuing discount on your monthly bill. If your referral credit exceeds your bill, you get to pocket the cash.

Plusnet is offering just such a deal. Not only that, but their prices are currently amongst the most competitive in the UK. Another great thing about Plusnet is that they have a UK call centre!

Don't let slow dial-up Internet get you down. Super-fast up to 20Mb broadband from only £9.99 per month. Free setup now available - terms apply. PlusNet broadband.

Now, you may be wondering why there is an advert for PlusNet on TalkTalk's website. This is actually TalkTalk user web space and I created this page just before I closed my account!

I chose PlusNet's Value Broadband and Anytime calls package with Line Rental Saver. You have to pay for a years line rental up front which works out at £9.49 per month instead of £12.99, then the Broadband and Anytime calls cost me an additional £6.74 per month by Direct Debit. So my total monthly cost is only £16.23 including daytime calls!

Then for each referral I get 50p per month. So I only need to refer 32 customers to PlusNet to get a totally Free Broadband and Telephone service. Beat that TalkTalk.